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Seeking a challenging and responsible position in heavy equipment operation that will effectively utilize my training certification, potential, experience, and interactive personal skills, while affording the opportunity for career growth.

Education and Relevant Certifications

Nevada School of Construction, Las Vegas, NV - Graduated February, 2008
Heavy Equipment Operator - Nationally certified by the NCCER in Heavy Equipment Operations and Earth Moving. Courses completed: Grading, Surveying and Soils, Safety Procedures, Equipment Maintenance, Utilization of Blueprints and Rigging, Backhoe, Wheel Loader, Dump Truck, Skid Steer, and Tractor Gannon-box.
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) - Core Curricula
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) - HEO Level One
  • National Assiciation of Heavy Equipment Training Schools (NAHETs) - HEO Level One
  • Nevada School of Construction - Heavy Equipment Operations Level One
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS)
Three years of English study, Cumulative GPA of 3.5.

Heartsaver AED / CPR, American Heart Association
Adult CPR / First Aid, Medic First Aid International, Inc.

Peer Recognition Award, Nevada School of Construction

Skills and Qualifications

Can set stakes, check elevations, and check grades/ratio-slopes
Excellent people skills
  • Extensive experience in customer service and sales
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational qualities
  • Leadership ability
Driven to expand experience and education; ability to adapt to changing conditions
Ability to work with little/no supervision
Strong work ethic and professional disposition

Relevant Experience

Heavy Equipment Operator
Leach & Sons Excavating, Peyton, CO
Pike National Forest Contractual road/trail/parking lot work. Residential work in Colorado Springs. Contract Snow Removal for Citadel Mall during the winter. Operated CASE 721B Loader, CASE 590 “Construction King” Backhoe, CASE 70XT Skid Steer, and CAT CP-323-C Compactor.

Heavy Equipment Operator
Frontier Environmental Services, Colorado Springs, CO
The restoration and re-grading of Pikes Peak Highway (the top 1.5 miles). Operated CAT 966H Loader, CAT 938G Loader, CAT 730 Articulated Haul Truck, CAT CS563E Sheepsfoot Compactor, CAT 433E Smooth-drum Compactor, and CAT D6N XL Dozer. Also built storm drainage system with rip/rap lined culverts and two clay retention ponds, Managed stockpile pit, Interpreted stakes and blueprints, General maintenance and lubrication of equipment.

Assorted Construction Experience
Past assorted experience in wood and metal framing, landscaping, underground utility line locating/marking, concrete, and general carpentry.

Here are the machines I have logged time on, working for Frontier Environmental Services or during my training at the Nevada School of Construction:

CAT 420D
CAT 730
Articulated Truck
CAT 216
Skid Steer
Tractor / Gannon-box
CAT 938G
Smooth-drum Roller
Volvo BL 60
CAT 928G
Sheepsfoot Compactor
CAT 966H
Freightliner M2
Dump Truck

I have gained experience with interpreting blueprints in order to visualize and stake out projects. Using laser surveying equipment, tapes, and eye levels, I can check/set elevations, distances, grades, ratio-slopes, hubs, and finish work. On all projects, I've been trained to work as a team, and saftey and accident prevention is a priority. I guarantee that, if given a chance, in a short time I will be one of your best, most efficient, and most dependable operators.

References are available upon request.

Here are images of some of my certifications (I haven't scanned the two NCCER certs):

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